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Disintegration: I'm taking it in stride. [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sassy Spinster

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Books in 2013 [31 Dec 2013|08:40pm]
1/2: Nothing yet! Just holding my place. I WANT to read a book a week!
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yeah so... shit. [13 Jan 2013|12:26am]
I remember giving this guy my favorite bear. I was in high school, I thought it was love. I gave him the bear (whose name I can't remember, but it was a Care Bear knockoff... all brown, with a brown heart in its body (maybe it said Love?), sprayed liberally with perfume... and I loved that fucking bear. That bear and my E.T doll (also gone) were the most important things I owned. I baked him muffins and then I gave him my bear and then he broke up with me. A messy, shitty, breakup wherein he denied there being another girl but of course there was. Anyway.
The point is that it is completely impossible to care about someone else so much that you can give something irreplaceable to. I have an Eyore that I've had since 1997/1998. I am never giving that shit up, even though the guy who gave it to me isn't even someone I talk to anymore. I'm sick of losing memories.

Wow, also... when did they take away the "mood" option????
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Books in 2011 [31 Dec 2011|12:35am]
A Good Fall: Ha Jin
Conversations with Eudora Welty

They Is Us: Tama Janowitz
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary: David Sedaris

Letting Loose the Hounds: Brady Udall

The Book of Other People: edited by Zadie Smith

A Visit from the Goon Squad: Jennifer Egan

Motherless Brooklyn: Jonathan Letham
Where the God of Love Hangs Out: Amy Bloom
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Huh [31 Oct 2011|07:28pm]
I seem to have forgotten about my book list.
Let me just tell you, Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson and After Rain by Trevor Williams are SO GOOD!

So here's the thing.
1. It's really hard to type right now.
2. The one time I hate having a roommate is when I'm drunk and want food.
3. Sweet jesus I could go for some pad thai or a pizza right now.
4. When I'm famous, will anyone see these posts?
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Things [28 Oct 2011|11:24pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

1. I'm submitting things! I started last month. Almost done with round one for one story. Just started round one for another.

2. I love Trader Joe's mini cheese pizzas.

3. I just restarted Buffy for at least the tenth time. The third time since I moved here.

4. When did I start thinking of wine in terms of bottles, not glasses?

5. I'm halfway through with school, almost, and have no idea what comes next.

6. I'm knitting a sweater for my brother for Christmas. I hope he's as delighted to get it as I am to make it.

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Tomorrow [26 Sep 2011|09:01pm]
[ mood | sad ]

For real.

Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow I won't have any regrets.

Tomorrow I will not think about feeling fat.

Tomorrow Mrs. Cooper will still be dead.

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I Wish I Had More Wine [27 Aug 2011|12:01am]
Sigh. I swore I wouldn't drink at home or binge but, well, here we are.
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Well, hello there! [14 May 2011|10:21pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

The semester is done and I got straight A's again! SO good. My sister is graduating this coming Sunday (not tomorrow, next Sunday), and I am so excited.

Not so much is happening here. I beefed it with a guy I actually liked and wanted to see again. My BFF visited from Texas and we had such a great time. I've had a cold for so long I'm afraid I'm going to develop bronchitis. Reading two really great books. Still want to constantly stuff my face but somehow resisting. More or less.

Sleep now. I guess. Or soon, anyway.

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Pretty Tree [06 May 2011|12:10pm]

IMG_5077, originally uploaded by sassy_spice1975.

I see this outside my kitchen window every morning. Oh, how I wish we could just go from Spring to Fall without those pesky winter and summer seasons.

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Crocuses [14 Mar 2011|06:10pm]

IMG_4577, originally uploaded by sassy_spice1975.

I spied this sweet surprise under a bush on my way to the library on Saturday!

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Oh. Em. Gee. [12 Mar 2011|09:52pm]
I totally forgot how much I LOVE LiveJournal! Can I get a hell yeah?
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New York City! [12 Mar 2011|06:10pm]

IMG_4478, originally uploaded by sassy_spice1975.

I finally made it to NYC! Of course I took loads of pictures. If you're interested, check some out here!

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Tales of the City [25 Feb 2011|08:14pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

So, I've gotten into the habit again of carrying around a travel coffee mug. I usually bring tea with me into town, and then stop somewhere for coffee. I think most places are pretty used to the travel mug thing. So I didn't hesitate to go into Dunkin' Donuts to fill up my mug on my way home. I set the mug on the counter and tell the kid I was coffee with milk. He stares at the cup, then looks up at me, then back to the mug. "Uhhhhh... what size is this?" I said it was probably about a medium. I mean, coffee cup sizes are pretty standard. It was clearly not large, and obviously bigger than a small. He looks back up at me and back down at the cup, and grabs a styrofoam cup from the rack. "You just want milk in that, right?" I say yes, "And in this cup." He nods and walks off. Without the mug. I routinely get bad/weird service in this DD. I only go there because it's RIGHT where the gym and library for my school is. Anyway, you can probably guess what this idiot did.

He filled the styro cup with coffee, then poured it into the mug. Then threw out the cup. It took everything in my power not to rip him a new one. Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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Books Read in 2009 [31 Dec 2009|12:44pm]
January: I can't believe I didn't finish a single book in January!

Feb. 6: World War Z, Max Brooks
Feb. 15: The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy
Feb. 28: Personal Velocity, by Rebecca Miller
Mar. 18: The Revolution of Little Girls, by Blanche McCrary Boyd
Mar. 21: sTORI Telling, by Tori Spelling
Apr. 5: Carrying Water as a Way of Life: A Homesteaders History, by Linda Tatelbaum
Apr. 7: Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure, by Sarah Macdonald
May 12: Miss Wyoming, by Douglas Coupland
May 20: Blindness, by Jose Saragamo
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Stewed Tofu and Potato in Miso Gravy [07 May 2009|05:47pm]

Another hit from Vegan with a Vengeance! We've been having a lot of rain here lately, and I was craving something hearty and warm and comforting. This completely fit the bill! I used Yukon Gold potatoes, since they're waxier than my beloved Maine potatoes, and I thought they'd stand up better to a half hour of simmering. The gravy is rich and somehow buttery. I served it over rice to make sure I got every last drop of the gravy. It froze really well, too. I've been eating it for lunch all this week.

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Curried Tempeh-Mango Sammiches [07 May 2009|05:23pm]

I was looking for a recipe that used mango, and remembered this one from Vegan with a Vengeance. I have to admit though, this is not vegan. I can't stand mayonnaise in any form, so the Vegannaise the recipe called for was right out. I subbed in some Greek yogurt, since I knew it was the same consistency as mayo. The sweetness of the mango is the perfect balance for the tart dressing, and the tempeh gives the whole thing a nice texture. And of course I'm a sucker for curry. Aside from the mayo subbing, I made the recipe as written, and used a lavash bread with flax. I have a feeling I'm going to be eating this all summer!

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Couscous with Corn and Black Beans [26 Apr 2009|05:50pm]

It's been blissfully warm here the last couple of days, so my mind has been turning to quick, light salads for dinner. This one might be the quickest recipe I have. It comes together in no more than ten minutes, requires no chopping or dicing (I snipped the herbs with scissors), and doesn't even really require cooking! I heated the water for the couscous in the kettle, and poured it over the dry pasta right in the same bowl I used to mix the salad! I know this is going to taste even better tomorrow for lunch, when the flavors have had all night to meld.

Recipe here!

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Coffee Cake [12 Apr 2009|05:58pm]

IMG_1214.JPG, originally uploaded by sassy_spice1975.

I found this recipe last week, and immediately thought of the cherry pie filling I've had in my pantry for about a year now. The original recipe is for Apple Pie Coffee Cake, from VeganYumYum. Since I used cherry instead, I subbed almond extract for the vanilla, and added a little cardamom to the topping (although I would have done that for any filling). The dough is very biscuit-like, and not too sweet. I might actually make my own pie filling next time (I have a good cobbler recipe in an old cookbook good for many kinds of fruit), so that the filling could be superflavorful to balance the (I hate to say) blandness of the dough. In this case, I don't mean bland as a bad thing... it's a nice, sweet, blank canvas. I'm imagining this with blueberry, peach, raspberry, mixed berry, strawberry... the possibilities are absolutely endless.

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Jerk Seitan [12 Apr 2009|05:51pm]

IMG_1212.JPG, originally uploaded by sassy_spice1975.

Once again, Vegan with a Vengeance comes through with the delicious. This is another recipe I've had on my list for awhile. I'm working on a goal of cooking out of my pantry more, and was pleased to see I had all of the ingredients for this. Also, I got to use my blender again! The only thing I changed about this recipe is I had to leave out the green pepper, because I didn't have one. Oh! And I used chili powder instead of cayenne, because I'm a spice wimp. This was flavorful and delicious, and I think it would be excellent in a wrap, too. I can't wait to have it again tomorrow for lunch!

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Hoppy Birthday! [12 Apr 2009|05:47pm]

IMG_1207.JPG, originally uploaded by sassy_spice1975.

Today was Mrs. Cooper's birthday, for which she always gets a special breakfast. This year was a salad with all of my favorite things: carrots (cut into coins), bananas, grapes, and raisins. Definitely not healthy for every day, but for once a year? She deserves it.

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